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Registering for Marching Band

Audition Materials

Make sure you choose the right class!

  • You must be enrolled as a student at Boise State University and registered for the Marching Band class in order to participate in Blue Thunder. The class will be held Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 12:00pm-1:50pm.
  • Students new to the university MUST complete BroncoVenture (orientation) before registering for any classes, including marching band
  • First and second year members should enroll in MUS-ENS 121
  • third+ year members should enroll in MUS-ENS 321
  • Graduate students should enroll in MUS-ENS 321G
  • Note that if you are new to Boise State you must complete orientation before registering, and if you have a class time conflict you must complete the proper paperwork before being able to register.

You will be given or emailed a permission number after the successful completion of your audition; you will need this in order to register for these classes.

You must be enrolled in one of these classes by or before 5PM on the Wednesday prior to camp’s beginning. Members will not be allowed to participate in camp activities until he/she is registered for Marching Band. This is a legal matter, and there can be no exceptions.

All band members must attend band camp, which takes place the week before classes begin for the fall semester (see calendar for dates). The final numbers for the band are set during band camp. Band members are also responsible for attending all rehearsals and performances.

How to Register for Marching Band

  • Access and click on Student Sign In
  • Click Student Center (BroncoWeb)
  • This will take you to “Student Center”
  • Click “Enroll” and choose correct academic semester
  • Search for appropriate class
  • Select Class
  • Follow Instructions
  • Enroll in class